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Price Increases

Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to increase our faith trail prices as of the 1st November 2021. This has been a difficult decision to make as our prices have remained the same for our faith trails since 2013, if anything we have reduced our prices to compete with the rising cost of coach fees schools have to pay when booking a trip to visit us. However, as the pandemic is not going anywhere anytime soon, the Open Centre has been left to foot the bill for all the hand sanitiser used at the places of worship, masks, additional cleaning time among many other price increases that affect our business. We have tried to avoid any major increases with the greatest increase being an additional 25p to visit just one place of worship. If you have already booked your visit before this time, you will still pay the original price quoted but any bookings made after the above date will be charged the new rates as follows;

Visit to one place of worship – was £2.50 per child, now £2.75 per child + group donation

Visit to two places of worship or a visit to one place of worship/one workshop – was £5 per child, now £5.20 per child

Visit to three places of worship or a mix of three activities – was £6.25 per child, now £6.40 per child

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