Established in 1981, the Open Centre is a well respected organisation based in Derby in the East Midlands. We exist to promote understanding between different communities by celebrating and raising awareness of their faith and cultural heritage. We promote good community relations between British citizens, no matter what their background or belief. As part of our activities we work closely with many different communities, faith organisations and places of worship as well as representatives of secular organisations; however the Open Centre is not a religiously based organisation and has no affiliation to any specific faith based groups.

The Need for the Open Centre’s work
Over 10, 000 school children and adults from the community and local organisations visit the centre each year and these numbers are increasing all the time, with visitors and bookings now being received from other parts of the East Midlands, Staffordshire and further afield.

In May 2010 the Open Centre contracted an external organisation to carry out a feasibility study, the aim to establish the need for the Open Centre services by key stakeholders, schools and residents of Derby City. Extensive consultation with a range of users from local organisations and schools as well as interviews with key partners led to the clear conclusion that the Open Centre is a unique and valuable resource in terms of its contribution to community cohesion within Derby City, the wider county of Derbyshire and beyond. There is nowhere else like the Open Centre – no other organisation offers the services it does to schools and the local community. Its work supports the aims and objectives of local, regional and national strategies concerned with community cohesion and increasing understanding between people of different cultures and religion.

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