Diversity Visits for Organisations

We are very lucky in Derby to have a wide range of religions and beliefs in our local community. Religion and belief are controversial subjects and our visits are designed to help visiting groups to understand the beliefs of others. We are about breaking down barriers and encouraging tolerance and understanding. The Open Centre’s motto is ‘Promoting understanding through personal experience’ – and there is no better way to do this than to encourage visits to the different places of worship in our community.

Places of Worship

Our Faith Trails usually start at the Open Centre and can include:

  • Mosque – Muslim place of worship
  • Mandir – Hindu place of worship
  • Gurdwara – Sikh place of worship
  • Synagogue – Jewish place of worship (Nottingham)
  • Church (Baptist church)


Each Place of Worship is a short walk away from the Open Centre. Each talk/visit usually lasts about 45 minutes, with plenty of opportunities to explore and ask questions on a range of topics. Most of these visits take place in the morning so we do not disrupt prayer schedules at the Places of Worship. If you would like an afternoon visit, please contact us to discuss the possibilities (Church and Sikh Gurdwara). All visits are led by Open Centre staff, who are DBS checked and trained, many of whom are also from a particular faith community. However as our services are often in high demand, we cannot always guarantee a person from a particular faith community for each specific Places of Worship but we do have a range of staff members, who are experienced and knowledgeable enough to lead visits to a variety of Places of Worship.  See our staff page for more details.

Our recommended group sizes for visits to Places of Worship are between 10-25.

However we do not take part in any acts of worship during our visits.

At many Places of Workship, especially the Sikh Gurdwara, visitors will have the opportunity to try their traditional food for free. Please let our staff know if any visitors have any specific food allergies so we can advise you accordingly.

For any additional information regarding Open Centre visits, please give us a call on 01332 360737.


We also have a close partnership with Derby Cathedral and many of our visits can be combined with visits to the Cathedral as they can take place in the afternoon.

Derby Cathedral stands in the heart of a vibrant multi-faith city on the southern edge of one of England’s most beautiful counties.

Learning is brought vividly to life in this beautiful Georgian building, on the site where Christian worship has taken place for more than a thousand years. We believe visits are an important aspect of the Cathedral’s work, enabling visitors to learn in a special setting, where history, art, music, spirituality and faith combine.

Supported by our Canon Missioner the team consists of a part time Education Officer (who is also a practising teacher) and a team of experienced volunteers, many of whom also have an education background.

We work to offer a friendly welcome to all ages and abilities and will adapt our work to suit their needs.

For more information about Cathedral visit options – please download their information here or see their website for more details.

If you would like to make a booking, please download their booking form here and email it to education@derbycathedral.org.