Make teaching your R.E. curriculum simpler with our new subscription service!

At the Open Centre, we understand how curriculum time is often being condensed, especially for foundation subjects such as R.E. Yet R.E. could be considered one of the most important subjects regarding preparing children for the world around them. We therefore want to help support school staff by using our most valuable resource… our staff, to support you with the delivery of your R.E. curriculum. We have analysed many local agreed syllabuses and used the knowledge of what our clients often ask for, to create bespoke videos covering the main topic areas for the different key stages and key religious communities.


We have also used the skilled knowledge of our staff to write appropriate activities that link to each of our videos, helping provide all the foundations for a quality R.E. lesson.


Here is a closer look at what the Subscription pages look like in your user area.

All the videos can be found in one place. No need to spend hours searching the internet looking for age and content appropriate information for your lesson as we have already done the hard work for you. The videos also provide something many text books don’t include… that personal perspective of people who are living that religious tradition everyday. This provides that valuable insight by helping spark those questions and interests children have to find out more – bringing their learning to life! All our videos are between five and ten minutes long, making them ideal for introductions for topics or using them as an extra layer to the children’s learning by deepening their understanding of key concepts. Use them as an assessment tool or enhance the children’s learning further by using the activities we have developed alongside the videos, saving you even more time on planning appropriate activities for your lesson. All videos are accessed through our website via a secure login. To make it easier for all classes to access the resources, each school will receive one login that unlocks all the resources. We will be adding new content regularly so keep a look out for more videos and activities!

The Open Centre offers a range of ‘in person’ and online services and we have worked tirelessly to provide content that is not replicated in any of our other services. Therefore all our workshops, resources boxes and tours cover slightly different content, mostly because the staff leading the activities will be different and as a result will share different opinions of specific topics to what may be covered in our subscription package. We also wanted to support some of our schools who are further afield and cannot always access our ‘in person’ services but will be able to benefit from that ‘personal experience’ from a distance.

The Open Centre has compared the costs of its services to those of its counterparts in other areas of the country and has listened to its clients regarding what might be appropriate.

For a half term the cost is £125, for a term it is £200 and for a year £500. The majority of schools we work with, on average have around 200 children on roll meaning that for a half term, the cost is £1.60 per child reducing to a £1 per child for a term subscription. Compare this to a workshop or visit the value is significantly better as the service can benefit the whole school rather than a year group or class – providing hours of R.E. support.

We do run regular offers so please contact us to find out our latest offers.

Signing up is really easy, all you need to do is send us an email to telling us the following information:

Your Name:

School Name:

Subscription type: Half Term Subscription, Term Subscription or Annual Subscription

When do you want your subscription to start:

An invoice will be generated when your subscription starts.

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