The ‘Our Heritage’ online resources are a vibrant and engaging series of teaching materials suitable for a range of curriculum needs and key stages. By purchasing a subscription you will receive access to 17 films with accompanying lesson plan ideas, worksheets and activities, all provided by a leading educationalist.

  • Online access to newly-commissioned short films in which families of different faiths explore their own heritage.
  • 12 exclusive news reports from ATV and Central Broadcast between 1970 and 1985 offering a rare glimpse into the early years of multicultural Britain
  • Ideas for lesson plans, worksheets and guidance on making the most of the resources in a classroom environment

Every Picture Tells a Story

Our heritage is not always about a distant time in history inhabited by relatives from a bygone age. Our Heritage can often be the encounters, conversations and experiences from our personal or collective history, moments in time captured perhaps in a photograph, a landscape or a special object. Such associations may mean little to others, but for the individual concerned who has invested in that object something of themselves that cannot be adequately captured in words, they resonate with emotion and history; heritage.

Normaton Introduction

In 2012 The Open Centre was awarded a £94,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to embark on a new project entitled ‘Our Heritage’, aiming to explore and celebrate the diversity and culture of Derby. Over the last 2 years we have had the pleasure of celebrating and showcasing the very best of the city’s diverse communities. This has been achieved through our ground breaking programme of exhibitions and a unique interactive teaching and learning resource.

The ‘Normanton’ photo book provides an additional dimension to the ‘Our Heritage’ project. The Open Centre was fortunate enough to work with a young emerging photographer called Daniel T. Wheeler. This book provides an insight into the community and culture for Normanton and can be used alongside the resources provided in this pack.

Click on the links below to access the photos from the photo book and the resources pack which can be used alongside it.

Billu Leaves India

Here you will find an electronic copy of the story ‘Billu Leaves India’ written by Gersh Subhra.

‘This is a touching and moving account of one family’s journey to a new life in a foreign continent…a story that takes us from a village in rural India all the way to England, but is one that will resonate with anyone who has undergone immigration and believed in the promise of a better life elsewhere.’

Click on the links below to see a copy of the text along with a range of resources that can help support the children’s learning.