Price list

The Open Centre is a non-profit-making charity which relies on grants and charges to meet the costs of staff, office and building.



 Faith Trails (per Place of Worship)      
*All prices include a donation to each place of worship visited. 

* Minimum group size of 10 people


1 Place of Worship


2 Places of Worship


3 Places of Worship


4 Places of Worship


Workshops (price dependent on type of Workshop)   

£100 – £250

Whole Day Events on Different Cultures
On-site or at the Centre

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Cultural Awareness Days – Visits, Lunch, Workshops and Discussions  

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Speakers, Talks or Debates  

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Additional Charges

Travel: Add £15.00 per hour to cover travelling time for on-site Workshops or Speakers.
No charge within Derby City. Add £0.40 per mile for travel costs for on-site Workshops or Speakers.