Price list

We often get asked ‘Why do you charge for your services?’ especially when groups are visiting places of worship. The short answer is, you are paying for our service to lead a tailored experience for your group.

The long answer is we used to receive funding from local government – however this stopped in 2013 so since then we have become completely self funded. The prices we charge cover the following;

  • Administrative costs
  • Rent/room hire
  • Public Liability insurance, Security and Health and Safety
  • Staff Training
  • Staff DBS
  • Donations to places of worship included
  • Resources and materials used in all activities
  • All staff are paid – if we use volunteers they are for different activities not our main sessions

The list can go on but above are the main costs incurred to lead our visits/sessions.

Our prices have been discussed with local RE advisors and are considered to be reasonable and fair for the services we offer.


Faith Trails
(per Place of Worship)
See below for donations to Places of Worship
£2. 90 for one venue per child
£5.50 for two venues
per child
£6.70 for three venues per child
Activity Sheets (Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam)EYFS, Year 1, Year 2, Years 3/4, Years 5/6, KS3/4 £2.50 per age band/Place of Worship
Workshops (Price dependent on type of Workshop) Each Workshop is based specific groups sizes – see Workshops page for more details. £80 – £90
Whole Day Events (Different Cultures On-site or at the Centre) Please contact us
Speakers, Talks or Debates Please contact us

Additional Charges

Donations: Places of worship are kind enough to allow us to us their premises for visits so we add £5.00 (For up to 35 pupils) or £10.00 (For more than 35 pupils) to our invoices for each place of worship visited. This money is passed directly to the Places of Worship. At the end of each month we tally up to number of visitors per venue and then write a cheque and deliver it to each place of worship.

Travel: Add £15.00 per hour to cover travelling time for on-site Workshops or Speakers.
No charge within Derby City. Add £0.40 per mile for travel costs for on-site Workshops or Speakers.

Lunch: If whilst visiting the Open Centre you wish to stay for lunch, we have three different rooms available for you to use that can accommodate up to 100 children. As these are quite large spaces, we therefore need to cover the cost of heating and cleaning these rooms during your visit. We therefore charge £5.00 (For up to 35 pupils/one room used) or £10.00 (For more than 35 pupils/two rooms used) This will be added to your invoice after your visit.


  1. Please also see our Terms and Conditions before making an on-line Booking Enquiry.
  2. Each Faith Trail visit takes about an hour to one hour 15 minutes – including walking time.
  3. Each standard Workshop takes about an hour.
  4. Speakers can fit in with the time you have available. It could be a 20 minute Assembly, a 40/60 minute lesson/talk or a double-lesson/lunch-time/after-school debate.
  5.  Some Places of Worship are not available on certain days (Mosque on Fridays) or at certain times (Hindu Temple after 12:00pm and the Mosque after 12:30pm) One of our Gurdwara’s cannot offer visits on a Friday but the other one can – so please check.

*Please note -A booking is only confirmed once you have received your booking form which will confirm all your details. If you have not received a booking form, your booking may not be yet confirmed so please call us to clarify your information on 01332 360737 at least 4 weeks in advance of your booking.

Don’t forget to check our Terms and Conditions before booking.

For other charges such as for our resources boxes or online video services, please see those specific pages on our website.

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