Want access to a unique and personalised video just for your school/organisation?

The Open Centre now offers a unique service, that can all be accessed online from the comfort of your own classroom or by pupils participating in online learning at home.

Types of video

The Open Centre has two types of video you can choose from;

  • ‘Spotlight on’ – These are informative videos on a specific part of a religion or community e.g. beliefs, dress
  • ‘Question time’ where you can ask a few questions and our staff will respond back in the form of a video, giving their perspective as someone who follows that religion. In some cases we may be able to provide multiple opinions from different staff who are all part of the same faith.

Feedback from our service users


Tell me more…

These videos are unique, as they provide faith perspectives of people who are part of that community and as a result the person talks about their own experiences and not just factual information you may get in text books. They are also tailored to the local community, meaning topics cover what it is like to be a… in the local area or in Derby City so schools further a field can compare the differences of a different locality.

You can’t find our videos anywhere else online, as they are filmed based upon requests and then are only accessible via our online portal.

As all our videos run through our website and can only be accessed through a secure login. Information can be tailored to your requirements and the page you access that information on through our website is also personalised to you.

Our videos are around 10 minutes maximum in length to keep them informative but specific. The beauty of having recordings as apposed to ‘live’ videos is you can pause them, rewind them, go back to them another time or share them with other classes. All making it much more flexible for teaching in today’s climate.

Why choose our videos…?

As we said our videos are unique and are personalised to you and your requirements. The videos are unique and are personalised to you and your requirements. There may be other videos out there that discuss faith but many are out of date, unsuitable for children or may not cover exactly what you want. Finding suitable quality videos (if they exist) takes time so why not make it easier and contact us?


The average cost of our videos is £40, per video. This cost covers our staff time to record the video (many are not filmed in one take), editing the video and then preparing your personalised webpage. Access to the video is available for six weeks, as this is usually the length of a unit of work so it can fit in with your topic.

When do I need to book?

Most of our staff are booked in at least one month in advance however, we ask for a minimum of 10 working days to film. (Though this may not always be possible, we will try our best to provide something in this short turn around.)

If you are interested in booking one of the videos above or would like to discuss things further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on contact@derbyopencentre.org

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