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Feedback from School Visits – May 2017

Here is a look at our recent feedback from visitors in May.

Mr KernaghanCalow Primary

“Good practical sessions and helped the children to understand the pilgrimage of Hajj.”  (Hajj Workshop)

Kelly GuyHolmgate Primary

“Lots of knowledge.  A wonderful experience to see the prayers.” (Hindu Temple)

“Very engaging with the children and explained Islam really well.” (Mosque)

“Fantastic.  Will definitely be coming again.”

Gee BernsteinSt Elizabeth’s, Tamworth

“Lovely hospitable experience, Pav was knowledgeable and really engaged the children.  A super role model for the boys, especially respect for others.  The food was a delight; the adults loved it never mind the children.” (Gurdwara)

“Judaism workshop: lovely that it was interactive, right amount of knowledge for the children.” (Synagogue experience)

Kelly PriceBrackensdale Junior School

“What a lovely building.  The people were very friendly and the children particularly enjoyed the sweet they received.” (Hindu Temple)

“The children were given information in relation to current news items and ISIS.  Misconceptions were eliminated and the subject was spoken about in a tactful and informative way.  The children were allowed to ask lots of questions.”  (Mosque)


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