Terms and Conditions

Our primary concern is the well-being of everyone who visits us – particularly children, so all our staff members are DBS checked.

Non-staff members who visit schools to speak on specialist subjects may not be DBS checked and schools should ensure that they remain with a qualified teacher at all times while they are on school premises.

It is worth remembering that as well as pupils seeing part of Derby that they may not have seen before, the people of Derby are also seeing the pupils – and making judgements about young people based on what they see.

  • The Open Centre has carried out detailed Risk Assessments on its premises to ensure that all risks are removed or minimised.
  • The Open Centre has full Public Liability insurance.
  • We ask teachers to be aware of the fire notices and exits in the Open Centre.

There are two main exits at the front of the building (one at the main door of the Open Centre and the sliding door – part of Pear Tree Baptist Church). In the case of an automatic or verbal fire warning, everyone should exit the building immediately (without stopping to pick up any belongings) and assemble on the grassed area in front of Pear Tree Baptist Church.

As a charity we are always short of money! We therefore ask you to pay your invoices as quickly as possible – either by cheque or by direct bank transfer. Details for bank transfer are on all our invoices. Any additional contributions you can make to our work would be greatly appreciated.

Minimum group size

  • Our minimum group size (to make our work financially viable) is 25.
  • Please contact us if your group will be smaller than this.

The following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) apply to all existing and new bookings from September 2023 onwards. These T&Cs supersede any previous T&Cs you may have received.


 As coach prices and other costs have continued to rise, the Open Centre (OC) wants to ensure that all children and visitors have the opportunity to experience different religions and cultures at least once in their lives. To support this, the OC offers at a tailored, affordable price. Our prices can only be offered at these levels if ALL children and visitors attend.

  •  When booking your visit (or activity) with the OC, our staff will ask for the number of children we will be working with. The price quoted will be based on the number of children booked – full attendance is assumed.


The OC requires FULL PAYMENT 30 days in advance of any visit (or activity). 45 days prior to your visit, an invoice will be sent to the email address listed on your Booking Form. We, therefore, expect payment will be cleared 30 days ahead of your visit/activity.

  • If you have booked a visit with LESS than 30 days’ notice, you must pay the full amount at time of booking. All such payments will be expected to clear immediately. The OC reserves the right to cancel any visits /activities NOT paid in full 7 days ahead of such visits/activities.
  • Payment should be via BACS and payment information will be found at the bottom of your invoice. Please use your Invoice Number as your reference when paying in this way.

If the school (client) wishes to cancel their visit, the following charges apply:

  • In excess of 31 days’ notice – No Charge
  • 30 days’ (or less) notice – Full quoted total of visit.
  • The OC reserves the right to cancel or rearrange any visit in exceptional circumstances. We will do our best to rearrange any such sessions. If we are unable to do this satisfactorily, a full refund will be made.
  • There is no charge for rearranging sessions, provided we have at least 45 days’ notice of when the original sessions were due to take place and the visit is arranged for the same academic year. Please note we can only rearrange a visit once.

Any complaints to the OC must be made in writing to the Manager – Samantha Hussain at manager@derbyopencentre.org All complaints will be dealt with as soon as possible

Please find below information regarding our booking procedures and additional information regarding visits. Please also see our booking terms and conditions document for additional information about our payment terms.


The OC will send a Booking Form as confirmation of a Provisional Booking. If you have not received a Booking Form, then your booking may not be confirmed. If you have received a Booking Form and don’t think you have made a booking, please contact us for clarification, otherwise a charge may be incurred.

  • Once you have received your Booking Form, please check all the information carefully. It is your responsibility to bring any discrepancies to our attention.
  • If anything changes about your booking prior to your visit (activity) please notify us at least 30 days in advance – this might include contact information, names, additional needs, allergies etc.
  • You MUST notify the OC of any change to visitor numbers NO LESS THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE YOUR VISIT. If you do not, the full cost quoted on the Booking Form will apply (even if there are fewer attendees).


It is recommended that parental reply slips for visits (and activities) are sent out a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the visit. This gives the school and the OC time to deal with any queries. Therefore, if full numbers do not wish to attend, the school can decide to bring fewer children OR the OC may arrange a visit to the school to discuss issues with parents OR make amendments to the original programme. A copy of our template letter (to parents) is available on our website or upon request.

  • Please see our additional support guide for parental strategies or if you would prefer to talk to us, please ring 01332 360737.


If the group is running more than 10 minutes later than the agreed arrival time, the OC has the right to rearrange the timetable/programme in order to facilitate the visit. This may mean visits are shortened. If you anticipate that you are going to be late, please call us as soon as possible on 01332 360737. If a group is more than 20 minutes late with no contact from the school (or we are unable to contact the school), the OC reserves the right to cancel the visit.


Teachers are legally responsible for the children in their care at all times.

  • Teachers are responsible for the discipline and good behaviour of their children at all times. If OC staff think the safety of anyone in the group is at risk due to inappropriate behaviour, they have the right to curtail the session.
  • Teachers must know the total number of visitors (including adults) at all times to ensure fire safety.
  • The OC has carried Risk Assessments for each activity but it is also the school’s responsibility to carry out their own.
  • Group leaders are responsible for supervising all visitors in the group during toilet breaks. Group leaders must check the toilets prior to departure to ensure they are left in an acceptable state. We have updated or Risk Assessments in line with COVID 19 guidance and these will be sent with your Booking Form. The OC will assume that you have read this Risk Assessment and understand all required actions. If OC staff feel that these actions have not been met, a conversation with the OC Manager will be required and as a result sessions may be curtailed or delayed.
  • For schools staying for lunch, we ask that you take your waste and rubbish with you. The Open Centre will provide black bags to put your waste in.

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