Our most important resource is our staff who provide our services, such as:

We are very happy to put together one-off events on request.

Online Learning Links

We understand that many schools at the moment are providing learning online for their children. The Open Centre has therefore spent quite a bit of time finding resources for schools and parents to use in order to support their children’s learning of religious education. Please download the poster below for more information.

OC Poster information – Online Learning support

Agreed Syllabus

Schools in the city and county provide Religious Education, this is reflected in the Religious Education syllabus for local schools and organisations.  We are included within those syllabuses as a resource for schools to call upon. Please see the links below for the latest Agreed Syllabuses;

As well as our Faith Trails relating to the Agreed Syllabuses, they also support in ‘Promoting British Values as a part of SMSC provisions’ in schools. From our discussions with different schools, this is something that Ofsted are often looking for and will often ask, how the school is supporting this initiative.

Additional Resources for Faith Trails

We also have a variety of carefully differentiated Activity Sheets based on our Faith Trails, that can help extend the children’s learning back in the classroom. These are currently only available as part of a Faith Trail visit and prices start from as little as £2.50. All activity sheets are related to the New Agreed Syllabuses and are factually accurate for each religion (Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism).

Here as a list of the Activities available:

  • Early Years
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Years 3 and Years 4
  • Years 5 and Years 6
  • Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

All are available with a teacher resource sheet. Please email our office on contact@derbyopencentre.org to add these to your visit.


Please let us know if you would like us to add a link to your organisation if it is relevant to our work.

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