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Visit times for Places of Worship

Please be aware that our places of worship do not host our visits every day. They are open to Open Centre visits:

Hindu Temple – Mon, Thurs and Fri (We avoid Tues due to a regular function but can sometimes fit in a small group after 11:15am)

Mosque – Mon -Thurs before lunchtime prayers. Closed to visits during last two weeks of Ramadan

Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara – Mon-Thurs

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara – Mon-Fri

Pear Tree Baptist Church – Mon-Fri

Nottingham Liberal Synagogue – Tues and Thurs, apart from Jewish festivals.

Please be aware that these times refer to school visits and the venues have their own opening times for worship and visits from individuals from the general public.

If your chosen venue is shut to schools when you want to visit, we have a number of workshops we can offer in school to cover similar content. Ask the office for details!

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